RE: flare and SIAI

From: James Higgins (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 18:51:02 MDT

At 07:27 PM 7/29/2001 -0400, Xavier Lumnie wrote:
>I'm the project leader for Flare, which means that at some point there
>will be enough developers (hopefully) working on the project that my
>project-management functions won't be so overbearing that I won't be able
>to help work on the AI when coding begins. Also, we're trying to push out
>an early Flare while the AI is still in concept and planning (i.e. push
>out the early Flare in six months or less), so the AI developers will be
>able to work in primitive Flare instead of having to write Python code and
>then translate anything productive into Flare as that becomes available.

Its been my experience that as the number of developers grow under you, so
does your workload. So getting more developers will probably not help you
in this respect.

James Higgins

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