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From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 11:00:31 MDT

Welcome to SL4, Stephen.

I've been quite impressed with Cycorp, and Doug Lenat's continuous efforts.
In 1998 I (naively) requesting a copy of Cyc... and was even willing to pay
for it :) I received a quick response that was helpful, and informative...
but a little out of my price-range :/ The move to publish significant
portions of Cyc into the public domain is a much appreciated (by me at
least). I believe that the Cyc knowledge base will be very helpful in
providing high-quality contextual input to an AI that is trying to learn
about the world. In conjunction with learning via vis own sensory
modalities, the Cyc input will provide an additional viewpoint, and extra
level of clarification, that I think is likely to speed-up the learning
process significantly. Also, it may help with understanding the *output*
from an AI. If ve can 'explain' a new idea by creating a set of related
data in Cyc, it will give *us* an additional way of understanding ver. Of
course Natural Language would be good too, but, as recently demonstrated by
Ben Goertzel (brief paper about definition of complexity), the presentation
of mathematical equations and logical constructs can greatly enhance the
precision of communication.

In reference to: "We are working hard to create a real AI."... any
additional information and/or detail that you can provide would be very
welcome here. The interplay of ideas, the discussion of problems and
solutions, will help us all to improve our designs.

Michael Roy Ames
Ottawa, Canada.

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> Hi, I'm Steve Reed and I've been working at Cycorp in Austin for the past
> three years. My most recent accomplishment to advance AI was the release
> of the OpenCyc 0.6 beta this April at SourceForge.

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