Re: Will FAI develop a high priority self-preservation goal

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 00:53:48 MST

Gary Miller wrote:
> Will a FAI develop a sense of self preservation and self interest? It
> seems prudent from an evolutionary perspective to insure an organism
> does not engage in risky behavior for no reason thereby risking it's
> very existence. Such as radically altering it's own code with out doing
> a backup :)
> If so, imagine a scenario where a group of Luddites attempt to get
> legislation passed that would in fact turn off the AI. The AI would of
> course know about this from its daily scan of the internet.
> If self preservation was higher on it's list of goals than it's goal to
> preserve human life or obey laws made by man then it would be reasonable
> to expect it to do everything within it's means to insure it's continued
> existence.

Not to mention that any rational sentient would always disobey
irrational laws where it could (with reasonable risk/gain
trade-off) when those laws are contrary to its goals.

- samantha

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