Re: Multiple Future Bens

From: Jonathan Standley (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 13:46:02 MST

I've felt for a while that concious expericence itself will one day be an
artform. Here's an idea I came up with during an abortive attempt at
writing a novel -

remember the "ratbots" that were in the news earlier this year? Imagine
somewhat more advanced ratbots (or bugbots, or fishbots...) that provide
feedback not by a mounted videocamera, but by direct neural interfaces to
their sensory processing centers. you could have autonomous machines which
would roam the earths' ecosystems, "tagging" animals with nanomachines which
would go to their brains and setup ratbot-style interfaces.

these animals would communicate with other interfaced animals around them,
through a variety of means. They would form a self-organizing network,
eventually spanning all of the world's major ecosystems. At the top level of
this network would be You. Your input and output structures would be
integrated into the network, and You would become a sort of digital gaia.
The everyday functioning of earth's ecosystems would "feel" much the same as
we "feel" our involuntary functions like digestion and such...

J Standley

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