RE: AI hardware was 'Singularity Realism'

From: Peter Voss (
Date: Sat Mar 06 2004 - 16:59:56 MST

Our differences here are due to our designs. Yours is a more distributed
(agent) architecture, while mine centers around a single node/link core
object that would benefit much more from massively parallel processing.

Suffice to say that optimum hardware architecture (for a given design) plus
optimizing software (for performance instead of R&D) can yield many orders
of magnitude improvement over prototype software running on a standard PC.


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> I agree with Ben's comments on hardware capability. I personally do
> see
> hardware as a show-stopper (even at this stage, and certainly not
> 5-10 years) -- however, I assume that some specialized designs will be
> needed (eg. FPGA).
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> Peter

I don't think specialized hardware is needed, I think we can make do
with clusters of contemporary multiprocessor 64-bit Linux boxes.
However, specialized interconnect fabrics like Octiga Bay's would
certainly cut hardware costs....

FPGA is a great technology but doesn't seem to have direct application
to Novamente. Hugo de Garis did some cool things with it though ;-)

Ben g

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