RE: SIAI seeking seed AI programmer candidates

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 07:51:24 MDT

>> Probably not, you need to think about this stuff nearly
>> 24/7 to make serious progress on it.
> I think this is almost, but not quite true. From my own
> experience with Novamente, it is rare for someone to be able
> to contribute part-time, but not impossible.

The SIAI project won't be using the same 'stuff' as Novamente
and will operate under far stricter rules. While it is not
literally impossible that someone would be able to make a
useful part-time contribution, the probability of this seems
negligable to me. Of course someone can still /learn/ seed AI
on a part time basis; given the staff shortage this is well
worth doing if they are able.

 * Michael Wilson


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