Re: arrogance is illogical

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 07:58:48 MDT

> When my managers first came back from the Far East they were
> shell-shocked. Especially Singapore and Japan. They reported that they
> had never seen anything like the almost feral intelligence of the people
> there. 5 day courses were completed in 1 to 2 days. They just sat like
> sponges soaking up all the information. The programming done was to a

This is an example of discipline, not intelligence. Discipline at these high
levels, if anything, prevents creative intelligence and blocks a balanced
emotional development (which is why japanese schoolgirls get attacked by
tentacles and american schoolgirls don't...).

> Our volition will disappear in the sum of the world volition. (Unless
> you assume that all the disagreeing volitions are primitive and if
> educated and advanced would agree with us !?).

Our standard for education and advancement would require them to agree with
us on certain points. Would you judge a terrorist "finally educated" if
after 10 years of intensive training he STILL believes that suicide bombing
is ok?

> The Third World has a ferocious intelligence which is mostly intent on
> killing their enemies before their enemies kill them. Individuals will
> kill themselves if it kills more of their enemies in the process.

Some of the intelligence in the world is not being put to good use.

> If a summation is taken of world volition, this will be very significant.

I made this point when we first started to discuss objective morality; just
averaging out individual volitions won't work since everyone wants very
different things. Now, Elizier is proposing that the AI simulates what they
would want if they were smarter, but a valid point has been raised as to
whether you'd actually be able to convince these people that the
extrapolated volition was actually theirs. A child is constantly told: when
you grow up you will understand. But this does not make this child
understand. Children still disagree with adults, and are forced to comply.


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