Re: Sentience

From: Norm Wilson (
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 10:36:52 MDT

Marc Geddes wrote:

> Collective Volition is drawing on the extrapolation of
> the volitions of all sentient persons. But if the FAI
> establishes that it qualifies as a 'Sentient person',
> then the FAI has to include it's own volition in it's
> calculations.

My understanding of Eliezer's paper was that the FAI would extrapolate the collective volition of "humans" specifically, as opposed to the volition of sentient beings in general, with the underlying premises being:

 (1) Human behavior is affected by an abstract concept of morality, AND

 (2) Humans who know more, are smarter, etc., behave in manners that are more consistent with that abstract concept.

To base collective volition on intelligence alone would ignore the significance of the first premise.

> The calculation of humanities volition would be
> distorted or 'perturbated' by the existence of the FAI
> itself.

>From the premises above (assuming that I understood the paper correctly), it would not be logical for the FAI to conclude that it's own behavior was affected by morality, since it is not human, regardless of how intelligent it had become. Hence, extrapolating its own behavior would be irrelevant.


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