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Date: Sun Jun 13 2004 - 15:27:56 MDT

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Humans have higher order thinking skills, but they are far more used in
service of deep motivations (rationalizations) then they are for rational
thinking. Thus you have to take all arguments by social
primates--including this one--with a grain of salt.

Understanding our motivations and those of others at the EP level applies:

To the social context of people who are trying to understand the problem(s)
of creating an AI with social features we want;

To understanding what it is we want or should want and;

To the AI itself.

If there is interest I can go into further discussion on the first
point. Cooperation and consensus seeking on a list might not be as hard as
FAI, but it sure has not been solved.

Keith Henson

(Who is, of course, posting to raise his social status. :-) )

Even those who are most familiar with evolutionary psychology seem reluctant
(perhaps for the reasons you suggest) to apply this form of analysis to

Last year I posted a request to Ian Pitchford's evolutionary-psychology list
at yahoo groups for any information about books or papers containing
ev-psych autobiography. No response. (BTW, do you know of any?)

I would be interested to hear what else you have to say about your first
point above.

Michael LaTorra

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