Re: Notice of technical term: "Volition"

From: David K Duke (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 19:41:57 MDT

> Actually, I also would currently say that I want to grow up slowly.
> I just
> think that the decision as to whether the decision should be made by
> our
> current volitions should be made by our extrapolated volitions.
> You seem to be visualizing something considerably "off" from what
> I'm
> suggesting - i.e., forced transcendence as an immediate direct
> consequence
> of collective volition, some independent all-powerful being rather
> than a
> transparent optimization process. Have you read the Collective
> Volition
> document?

> No, I am handing the decision off to an abstract invariant that
> extrapolates the collective volition of humankind to produce a
> secondary
> dynamic that returns a decision. I don't know what the decision
> will be.
> I just know that the collective volition of humankind, which is a
> set of
> superposed spreads, will be satisficed by the choice of decision
> process
> that is used to make the decision. Oh, and I know that the Last
> Judge
> didn't throw the off switch on it.

I think I'm gonna try to lump my thoughts into one section, as so we
don't form several different "threads" within a thread itself.

Okay, I've read a good portion of it. I think I get the general gist:

Collective volition = a democracy via a extrapolated post-humanity's

A big reason I tend to disagree with this is that with a Friendly SYSOP,
a governmental system like the USA is no longer needed to sustain
society. Are you trying to justify collective volition as some sort of
replacement because of the absence of a discernable moral absolute i.e
majority equals moral power?

Sure, the idea of the individual is a slightly murky concept. But if
there's no defined point of a distinction with individualism, how could
there be a "majority" for a collective volition? Where do you begin to
start count?

Shouldn't it be that person's right as their current self to determine
their future?

I don't see the NEED for this. I recall you once commenting in a
interview how you thought a man eating Pringles while watching football
was "dystopian". What's wrong with a Friendly SYSOP scenario? Do you
think the SYSOP scenario is dystopian?

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> Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
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