RE: On specific input mechanisms

From: Mike (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 18:35:16 MDT

On the WIKI, you said "To construe your volition, I need to define a
dynamic for extrapolating your volition, given knowledge about you." So
I asked the question several times of how you were going to collect that
knowledge. Now you're saying all you need is a definition of future
collective volition, and the AI will make it all right? I don't see
where MY current volition ever enters into that equation.

Mike W.

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> and then the AI will
> interrogate the
> programmers to improve its models of them in particular and
> thereby humans
> in general, and work its way up to an offline static copy of
> the Internet,
> and my guess is that when it grows up at least two direct
> nondestructive
> brainscans would be a good idea...
> But it doesn't matter.
> Once you define the thing-that-you-want-to-approximate - the
> collective
> volition - then you just point the RPOP at the invariant and
> say, "Guess."

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