Re: CV works! 'Moral Perturbation Theory'

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 07:21:26 MDT

--- Marc Geddes <> wrote:

> Imagine that the sentient humane FAI implemented a
> global political system whereby 'rights' would were
> assigned according to cognitive ability, as I
> suggested. So the FAI (which would actually be
> equivalent to the 'first order approximation' of
> humanities Collective Volition remember) would have
> the most say in what went on in the world (because
> most of the cognitive power on Earth would reside
> with it).

This is, in a rough form, the legal system we have
in the US. Adults have more say than children in
making decisions for themselves (parent-child) and
in making decisions for others (voting). The
collective wisdom represented by a legislature or
a legal-judicial system is assumed to be greater
than that of indvidual adults. Therefore the
opinion of the collective body overrules the opinion
of the individual when they disagree.

One can argue whether the implementation of our
collective bodies actually results in greater
wisdom, but the assumption that they do is inherent
in our current system.

An AI that can demonstrate that it is in fact wiser
than us humans could then be accorded a position in
the system, such as acting as a judge. As we get
more experience with it, we can gradually install
more instances in more positions or otherwise
transfer authority gradually.

Marc's quote above said "implemented a global
political system". This can be construed as
'take over the world by force' or 'we handed over
control to our betters voluntarily'.


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