Re: qualia, once and for all

From: Sebastian Hagen (
Date: Sat Jun 19 2004 - 04:26:29 MDT

Sebastian Hagen wrote:
> Metaqualia wrote:
>> [...]
>> Any of the principles that have been mentioned on the list can be
>> connected
>> back to qualia. Nobody has proposed a single mechanism of morality
>> that (if
>> implemented/enforced correctly) will have any chance of producing more
>> negative qualia than positive ones.
> This has been suggested. There are quite a few sl4 wiki pages on the
> topic, e.g. [...]
Sorry, I obviously misread the original statement by Metaqualia. The pages in
the reply are probably still relevant as examples of other suggestions of
qualia-based morality, but they are of course not examples of a mechamism of
morality that would likely produce "more negative qualia than positive ones".

Sebastian Hagen

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