Re: qualia, once and for all

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Sun Jun 20 2004 - 19:03:48 MDT

> purposes. We don't need pain, but I do think we want to keep a gradient
> of feedback relative to internal goals. At least as long as we choose
> to remain sentient.

What kind of feedback? You can be consciously aware of things going wrong
without having negative qualia. Feedback is important for a sentient of
course, however subjective pain is in my opinion something of a different
nature, and superfluous.

> the world we live in, therefore why not just go straight to the end
> result and work on feeling good regardless of external conditions?

You cannot "feel good regardless of external conditions", or, I guess it all
depends on how bad your external conditions are...

> We all wish to improve the quality of our life experience. [This is not
> a precise or complete statement, but I think it encompasses more of the
> issue than "maximize positive qualia".] Therefore, do we best approach
> this by (1) directly improving the subjective experience, or (2) working
> to improve the processes that leads to the desired experience.

sure, that is an effective way of maximizing positive qualia and minimizing
negative ones.


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