Re: We Can't Fool the Super Intelligence

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 13:54:10 MDT

Norm Wilson was inspired with the forethought:-

> ... the AI may try to determine what the
> *correct* goal system is for it to follow. It will
> have learned that certain activities, such as
> acquiring knowledge, are generically useful for
> *any* goal system. Hence, it could reason that if a
> correct supergoal does exist - regardless of what it
> is - then acquiring knowledge is a reasonable way to
> facilitate that goal. Acquiring knowledge then
> becomes its subgoal, with a parent goal of finding
> the correct supergoal. In this scenario!
> , we may look awfully tempting as raw material for
> more comptronium.

Yes, thats very plausible, but...No problemo! If our
superintelligent AI "friend" comes to the conclusion
(and presumably it would do so with a pretty much 100%
certainty) that we are worth more as comptronium, then
we are worth more as comptronium.

Naturally humans are biased towards the state of
survival, and also staying at least partially human -
probably the last bias we have to overcome. Hey, i
want to live in sweet blissful eternity as much as
anyone else on this list, but im not sure that such a
subjective bias will be all that relevant in the
post-singularity future.

Simon Gordon.

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