RE: SIAI: Donate Today and Tomorrow

From: ktpr (
Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 09:32:29 MDT

I’m going to give a lurker’s opinion. I’m going
to give it straight because I can’t be bothered to
make it flowery:

SIAI is great. But its maximum impact has been made.
To get more income it’s going to have to do
something different. SIAI can’t match the
heavyweights in terms of oratory ability or presence.
But it can do something else as equally striking.

That something else is exploratory coding. It
doesn’t have to be pretty, or even very significant,
but only superbly documented. Use it as a forum to
illustrate old explanations and explore new paths. I
would much rather look over some pseudo-code or a
visual example of some problem than read about it on
the mailing list. I understand that I can’t
understand (:)) the enormous amount of forethought
that is required, but for the love of Pete it’s been
many years; let’s see some kind of code. You’ll
get money from my pocket.

And I’m not equating code with progress. No. I'm
equating it with a higher quality form of exploration
and demonstration. That's what I want to see.


Kwame Porter-Robinson

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