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From: Robin Lee Powell (
Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 12:51:09 MDT

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 01:28:58PM -0400, Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:
> But none of those donors posted their congratulations and
> agreement to a mailing list, not one.


I did not, in fact, donate in this round, but at $200/month I wasn't
the target, was I? I think my post does count as congratulations
and agreement, however, although it was couched in the language of

(Of course, you haven't likely seen my post yet)

On the off chance that I was too skeptical in my last post, here's
the more enthusiastic version.

I donated.

The SIAI rocks, and I am pleased as punch to be supporting them, and
quite proud of myself for doing so.

All the rest of you whiners need to be quiet. Feel free to not
donate, but quit pissing in the punch the rest of us are trying to
drink. Thanks. HTH. HAND.

However, bear in mind that "I donated, and I/the SIAI rock!" is
actually off-topic as the list is defined, and that the list intro
page is *very* harsh about what is an appropriate post, and gives
the impression that such a post might get one immediately banned.

Consider having a checkbox on your paypal form for "all comments
attached to this donation can be commented to the list". I think
that would go a *long* way to encouraging more donatinos.

> We have to be strong without being certain, by a deliberate act of
> will, by the conscious decision that certainty is not required for
> strength.
> We have to act in unison without being conformist, by an act of
> will, by the conscious choice that it makes sense to cooperate
> even when we aren't in full agreement.
> We have to forsake peer pressure and the instinct to believe what
> others are saying, and consciously evaluate the probability that
> someone else knows more than we do, taking into account neither
> personal like nor personal dislike.
> We have to reject the common misconception that the art of finding
> the correct answer to questions of fact - the art some call
> "rationality" - means cynicism, ironic detachment, and the refusal
> to feel emotion. Let us choose our beliefs on the sole basis of
> correspondence with reality. If those beliefs call forth our
> passions, then let us feel!
> We have to learn to express our unity as well as our disagreement,
> speak our rational agreement along with our rational criticism,
> show newcomers *both* sides of the issue, swallow hard and defy
> our fear of public harmony.
> I ask of SIAI's donors: Speak up, and hold your heads high
> without shame!

This was absolutely beautiful, and I'm quoting it just because it
bears repeating.


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