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Opps. I mis-labelled my schemata. My 'Grounding
Function' was meant to be labelled the 'Progression
Function' and visa versa.

Will again re-post my schemata in a slightly different


Philosophical schemata for general sentience

*Fundamental Theorem of Mind:

Universal Cognition x Personal Cognition = Output


Universal Cognition: 'Possibility function' of
x (transform) : 'Grounding function' of reality
Personal Cognition : 'Progression function' of
Output Qualia : 'Telos function' of reality

Cognitive modes

Metaphysical: Dealing with fundamentals of reality
Epistemological: Dealing with knowledge
Ethical: Dealing with value systems
Political: Dealing with harmonization of values

Cogntion matrix: 4*4 =16 aspects of Cognition. 16
different aspects to general sentience. 16 different
issues, each of which needs to be solved.

*Cognition matrix


METAPHYSICS Multiverse/Computation/Time
ETHICS Complexity/Life /Improvement/Value
POLITICS Market/ Person

Multiverse x (Computation) Time = Prediction
Proability x (Induction) Reflection = Explanation
Complexity x (Life) Improvement = Value
Market x (Person) Volition = Freedom (Right)

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