Re: Creating a transhumanist consulting firm

From: Giu1i0 Pri5c0 (
Date: Sun Oct 31 2004 - 01:21:19 MDT

There are now 23 members in the group
I am posting this for those who missed the initial call for interest.
I plan to start brainstorming in the group tomorrow, so please join if
you wish to participate from the beginning.

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 07:03:50 +0200, Giu1i0 Pri5c0 <> wrote:
> I have done some thinking on the possibility to create a transhumanist
> consulting firm. The rationale is that both large firms and
> governments will need information and advice on how things will
> change, how to make money with forthcoming changes, and what public
> policies to implement. There are plenty of futurist think tanks, but
> few willing to study radical medium/long term scenarios, still
> considered like SF by the mainstream, including radical life
> extension, conscious AIs, cryonics, brain implants, uploading, etc. We
> do a lot of thinking on these issues for fun, it would be good doing
> it also for money, and with the brainpower of some folks on
> transhumanist lists I am sure we can provide a very useful service.
> What I have in mind is a flexible partnership of indepedent
> consultants where the income minus expenses is redistributed to
> partners according to the
> previously agreed amount of work done. If things develop well I will
> be looking forward to doing this full time, and I hope to assemble a
> team with a few core staff and a larger network of people available to
> collaborate on a specific project basis.
> Now I plan to start looking for partners and brainstorm to elaborate a
> detailed plan.
> I am not sure of the name and it is better not to rush, so to fix
> ideas I have chosen the temporary name "Transwer ltd" and reserved the
> domain
> We will switch to a better name if we find one.
> I have created the Yahoogroup transwerbiz:
> as a planning workspace, please join if you are interested as the
> brainstorming will take place there.
> Things to discuss are:
> - Business model (what to sell to whom and how)
> - Partnerships e.g. Foresight, CRNano, SIAI, the transhumanist
> non-profit think tank under formation, etc.
> - Where to incorporate and in which form
> - Name and domain name
> - Organization
> - Business development
> While I am mainly interested in the European market, a possibility is
> incorporating branches in different places.
> I have many ideas, some I believe quite promising, but I prefer
> disclosing them on the Yahoogroup which is restricted and not visible
> to the world. Also, I assume that many people on the lists are not too
> interested, so the polite thing to do is continuing the discussion on
> a separate list. So again, please join if you are interested.
> G.

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