Re: United on qualia

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 00:37:11 MDT

> In agreement with the denial of MQ's insight, I'll add that besides the
> issue of whether an

I was just pointing out the qualia reference in Elizier's posting, but I
will not start another discussion about qualia in public for two reasons

- most of the objections possible have already been raised and answered on
this list and elsewhere
- it is not a subject that can be discussed precisely and quantitatively and
as such it is generally deemed of "lesser importance"

Therefore I suggest you send comments privately (unless of course the mods
on this list decide to have a bimonthly 'qualia week'). This is just to be
in line with the group's interests, I personally do not care to discuss
things here once again, but since the thread was killed ...


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