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From: Michael Vassar (
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 00:08:35 MDT

Pete basically interpreted my statement correctly.
I understand aFriendly as an analogy to amoral to emphasize that UFAI isn't
malevolent, but I think non Friendly, nonFriendly, Non-Friendly, or even
possibly !Friendly would be more clear.

Practical and urgent querry. Would any readers with strong computer
security skills and an appropriate resume be willing and able to do one or
two hundred hours of computer security work as an SIAI affiliate over a
period of 6 months in exchange for $40,000 to be divided between you and
SIAI in a manner negotiated by you and the SIAI staff? If so, please
respond by tomorrow or by Sunday at the latest. Sunday is the deadline.

This sort of thing is atypical here, so I won't be offended if the topic is
assasinated, but since the amount of money in question is significant and
the deadline extremely urgent, I decided to ask for responses. I can be
reached at (610) 213-2487

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