JOIN: Simon Belak

From: Simon Belak (
Date: Sun Apr 10 2005 - 12:36:56 MDT

Hi, I am a physics student from Slovenia. Tomaz Kristan got me interested in
transhumanism and although at the moment I must confess, I do not readily
embrace all of it's positions (mostly in terms of ethics), I fell that SL4
topics on our local forum have sharpen my view on the world, so I am basically
coming to the source for more.
It's Crocker's Rules all the way for me (should this be included in every mail
or will it do, to declare in the introduction?).

This is slightly meta and it could be just me being inapt at mailing lists in
general, but it may be worth explaining the workings of your mailing list a bit
more in-depth. For example to what address one sends new messages, how can one
resurrect an old thread, etc.


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