Job: Adaptive AI is seeking a Chief Technical Officer

From: Tas Dienes (
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 20:25:06 MDT

Adaptive AI is seeking a Chief Technical Officer to oversee development
of next-generation AGI engine.


This key partner will be responsible for hiring and managing a team of
up to 20-30 engineers/ scientists and implementing our plan to develop
an artificial general intelligence (AGI) engine - targeting high-level
cognitive/ learning ability.


a2i2 has spent more than three years researching and developing a proof
of concept AGI engine. The company has recently made the transition from
research and prototyping to full-scale development, and is in the
process of implementing a multi-year plan to develop a commercializable
AGI engine. The CTO will work closely with Peter Voss, the company's


The AGI engine will be a general-purpose intelligence capable of
learning and understanding new information, adapting to new and
unforeseen situations, and solving problems. Commercial products will be
built on the AGI engine, but the engine itself will not be designed for
a specific commercial application.


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