Re: physics of uploading minds.

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Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 12:38:11 MST

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 "Heartland" <>

> Obviously, you couldn't find a location of "green",
> but you could certainly find locations of
> instances of "green".

True, and in exactly the same way you can find an instance of matter
behaving in a johnkclarkian manner, perhaps someday if I am
extraordinarily lucky more than one instance.

> Since consciousness cannot exist outside
> the volume of the brain [Ö]

Maybe for you but Iím not that obsessed, the only time my
consciousnesses is inside my brain is when Iím specifically thinking
about my biological brain, and most of the time Iím thinking about other
things not that 4 pound lump of grey jello.

> and you know where that brain is, then you must
> also know the location of where consciousness happens

It is only in historically recent times that people even realized that
the brain had anything at all to do with thinking or consciousness, the
Greeks thought it was just an organ to cool the blood; the Egyptians
carefully preserved every part of the body after death EXCEPT the brain,
they thought it of no importance and just threw it away. Those people
didnít give a hoot in hell about the 4D space-time coordinates of their
brain, and yet despite their ignorance of the brain I think they were
conscious, although I admit I canít prove it.

John K Clark

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