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Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 13:45:42 MST

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005 "Heartland" <> Wrote:

> A few years ago I was almost certain that, "subjective
> continuity ofconsciousness is absolutely positively 100%
> the ONLY thing that matters."

I see, sorry you’ve been going downhill since then. Anything I can do to

> At least this view is closer to the truth than "brain
> pattern is absolutely positively 100% the ONLY
> thing that matters."

I agree completely, brain patters don’t matter, what those brain pattern
produce do.

> Minds exist in 4D space-time, not in a 2D "time and place".

I have to say it, you’re extraordinary pomposity is embarrassing. I do
not believe there is one singe member of this list so stupid as to
believe that place can be describe with one dimension. Sprinkling a very
very very stupid idea with intelligent sounding words like “4D Space
Time Coordinates” does not make an idiotic crackpot idea one bit more
> then every loss of consciousness would result in death.
> You are certainly not saying that, are you?

Yes, that is exactly precisely what I’m saying. When I go to sleep at
night subjectively I do not lose consciousness, all that happens is that
my clock jump ahead 8 hours. Big deal.

> And no, it's [your mystical presence] is not a soul

Bullshit! I can not see one tinny tiny bit of difference between your
ideas and that of the all so very very respectable Christian holly
rollers, both are talking about something of huge astronomical
cosmological importance that can not be detected with the scientific
method; and that my friend is pure undiluted premium grade bullshit.

John K Clark

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