Re: physics of uploading minds

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 08:55:41 MST

The key question then is is there an implementable upload medium that transfers and supports the same (dynamic) shape? Memories and behaviour tendencies are valueless entombed as bits. I think the "shape" of an individual's mind can be ported to create a separate but seemingly identical person, but one's identity ceases if the uploading procedure is destructive to the original.
  If my assertion is incorrect and the assertion below is true, it might make sense for an FAI to immediately computronium us to increase immediate industrial productivity and ressurrect us all at a later date when the universe's # of harnessable person-years is at a maximum. If the reverse is true, humans in the present are a liability to pure AGI utilitarianism. An FAI would have to be very carefully engineered not to steam-roll us. We would have to be spoonfed to the singularity.

Heartland <> wrote:
As far as the brain structure goes, let me say something about mind
structure. I view mind structure as a pattern or shape of mind-producing
activity. It doesn't really matter whether I implement my mind structure
using neurons, silicon or something else entirely or what configurations of
wetware/hardware I choose to accomplish
that. As long as I am able to transfer and support that same shape, how I
implement that should be irrelevant to the nature of my being.

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