META: Index oddities in the SL4 archives

From: Jeff Medina (
Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 00:32:03 MST

The links between archive listings & posts and between one post and
another appear to be incorrectly built.

For example, at (subject: The
"AI Box" Experiment), only four of the eight post links actually bring
one to the correct place.

"Eugene Leitl" links to a Ben G. Singularity Media thread post, "Fabio
Mascarenhas" to a Ben G. Novamente goal system post, Eli's first link
to a Wednesday chatlog post by Ben, and "Thom Lawrence" to a Damien
Broderick Wednesday chatlog post.

A pseudo-random sampling of other links bears this out. The same
broken/misdirected link behavior occurs when attempting to follow the
"Next" and "Previous" links in some posts. Needless to say, my recent
attempts to gather together all the prior discussion of AI Boxing for
reference-inclusion in an essay analyzing the notion of AGI
containment and its viability or lack thereof, which I hope to submit
to ALifeX ( - submissions due the 11th), has
been just a bit frustrating.

Anyone have a clue what's up with the archives? And, even better, how to fix it?


Jeff Medina
Community Director
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Relationships & Community Fellow
Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies
School of Philosophy, Birkbeck, University of London

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