Re: SL4 CHAT: Wednesday, 9 November, 6PM PST, 9PM EST

From: Tennessee Leeuwenburg (
Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 21:11:39 MST

Could be interesting. I can Google for it, but for those of us who are
international, perhaps in future the time could alse be listed as GMT?
(Zulu time) I am not intimately familiar with the offsets for the
PST/EST timezones used in the U.S.

I see you have included a link for this, but I still think it would be
far more clear to use a globally familiar time base for a global audience.


Michael Anissimov wrote:

> The SL4 IRC chat has returned! This time, we're going to hold chats
> every quarter as opposed to every month. There will be a chat this
> upcoming Wednesday, followed by one in January, and an additional chat
> every quarter thereafter.
> What is "SL4"? The highest level on Eliezer Yudkowsky's Future Shock
> Level scale:

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