Re: the ways of child prodigies

From: sam kayley (
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 11:01:47 MST

From: "H C" <>
> Seeing as how abstract mathematical concepts are strictly useless (except
> some sort of "cognitive exercise") unless being used for an explicit
> necessary purpose; it seems as though mathematics as a separate field
> entirely outside of computer science is at best *potentially* useful,
> more realistically *a waste of time*. This doesn't include situations
> you recognize a specific mathematical field being necessary for background
> foundational knowledge for a more specific implementation problem (such
> the utility of *knowing* abstract mathematical concepts is entirely
> from a specific implementation necessity).

The connection of computer science with creating an AI is close enough you
would probably know if you needed a certain concept from computer science.
Other fields of maths may be just as important, but in a more indirect way
that would need deep familiarity to even know you needed it.

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