Re: Indoctrinating my family

From: Michael Vassar (
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 08:23:27 MST

The Singularity is Near is definitely THE breakthrough book successfully
bringing SL3 to the SL2s and some SL1s. However, non-donor SL3s are a Bad
Thing. If they will donate, send your signed copy. You don't need it and
its more impressive. Give the savings to SIAI. If they won't donate to
SIAI, but they are Sl2, push them towards life extension (And Aubrey De
Grey). It won't save the world, but might save a billion or so lives before
singularity if GAI takes longer than many here expect. At shock level 1,
advocate microcredit. At SL0, Unicef and distribution of oral dehydration
salts or plumpy nut.
The weird thing to me about TSIN is that it has its main impact simply by
repeating Moore's Law over and over to people who already know the term.
Once people's non-rational skepticism is broken down with a barrage of
dubious "hard data" and far more dubious interpretation, they are open to
accepting valid arguments which would normally (say, on a webpage or in a
science magazine) roll right off them. I wonder if this technique can be
transferred. I'm shocked to see it work repeatedly on people whom I would
consider reasonably intelligent. Even after the interview I am left totally
unsure what Gates thinks, but that would certainly be SL4 relevant

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