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From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 12:48:29 MST

Russell Wallace wrote:
> Michael Wilson wrote:
>> When people pick three common English words that are supposed to contain
>> the secret of safely navigating the Singularity
> I don't know who supposes that three words contain the secret of safely
> navigating the Singularity, but it certainly isn't me!

That's what they all say ;)

I know you've made serious proposals, which makes it even worse when
you summarise them into a slogan. I would strongly suggest just saying
'my detailed proposal for what we should do can be found [here]', if
you're not prepared to reiterate at least a one-page summary.

> but one thing you can't claim I've done is just offer three words
> by way of strategy.

No-one /intends/ to rely on magic words. Some people do so anyway,
when it turns out that their book length description is just
pointless elaboration on the philosophy of the terms rather than
useful constructive detail. I don't think you (or Ben) are in that
category, but my point is that magic words are dangerous even when
used in summary. They can easily become a mantra, for yourself or
just for your misguided supporters/opponents, that obscures your
original intent under a barrage of personal interpretations of the
cute phrase.


I basically agree with Eliezer's SL4 comments on the /problems/ with
this proposal, but I would not write it off as useless; some of the
problems may actually be solvable, and it is conceivable that it
could form an important component of a workable hybrid strategy.

>> Indeed, if past history is anything to go by it's going to be an
>> uphill struggle to be understood even if you're an excellent writer
>> and write a book length description.
> And given that neither of those things applies to me, it's just as
> well I'm not optimistic about the whole being understood thing :)

Join the club. My apologies if I keep boring you with truisms, they're
intended more as a 'in case anyone on SL4 didn't already realise this'.

 * Michael Wilson

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