The Singularity Institute - In Need of a New Logo

From: Tyler Emerson (
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 17:54:04 MST

The Institute has a unique mission. I'd like to have a meaningful,
remarkable logo to go with it. To help make this possible, the amount I
would have paid to the design firm I was working with to create a logo will
instead be given to you, or someone you know, for an acceptable design. The
design firm has been unable to create a design that's appropriate for us.

If you're interested in having The Singularity Institute indebted to you for
a brilliant logo design, please reach me at Thanks!

We have a number of special announcements forthcoming at the beginning of
December. Ideally, I'd like to have a design finalized by November 29th.

I'll pass along specifics off-list to anyone interested.

Please no on-list replies or discussion.


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The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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