Re: Supercomputers and weather simulations [Was Re: META: IQ distributions]

From: David McFadzean (
Date: Fri Nov 25 2005 - 08:45:30 MST

On 11/24/05, Richard Loosemore <> wrote:

> Your phrase "chaotic nature of dynamical complex systems like weather
> simulations" betrays deep confusion about what a complex system is, what
> a chaotic system is (not the same, usually) and what the characteristics
> of weather systems are (partly chaotic, partly normal and predictable)

Why can't a weather simulation be complex and chaotic?

> You also misunderstand what a supercomputer simulation is used for: not
> just finer grained modelling, but modelling vast numbers of different
> variations. Sununu could not possibly have learned anything from his
> silly little simulation.

I didn't say he was right necessarily. I said he may not be as stupid
as someone originally thought. Is it possible?

> But I think you only made this comment as an excuse to start a political
> flame war on the subject of global warming ;-)

I don't see any good reason to impugn my motives. Are you trying to
make me feel unwelcome here?


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