Re: Free Will not an illusion..

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sat Dec 24 2005 - 02:19:52 MST

--- fudley <> wrote:

> Let me propose this thought experiment for all
> of you out there who
> think “Free Will is not an illusion”. Suppose
> you are wrong and “Free
> Will IS an illusion”; how would the world be
> different? It wouldn’t be
> one bit different near as I can tell, and that
> suggests to me that the
> entire phrase is meaningless.
> John K Clark
> --
> - And now for something
> completely different…

Well, just remember that a truly complete
illusion is not an illusion at all, but rather it
is your local reality. The question therefore is:
"Is Free Will a truly complete illusion?" Yes,
for almost everyone, it is. Is that good enough?
Yes, for almost everyone, it is. And if it is
not? Then you spend your time finding out what
lies behind it. Are you one of those for whom it
is not complete enough? If so: welcome to the SL4

Tom Buckner

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