RE: impotent disorganized gods?

From: pdugan (
Date: Mon Dec 26 2005 - 08:34:00 MST

>===== Original Message From Phillip Huggan <> =====
><SNIP> "Gods" existing outside of our universe won't be formed of
carbon-based brains and so won't even be conscious, right? I mean, if new
universes can only be created in a way that marginally shifts the likelyhood
they will not be hell-worlds downwards... the gods seem weak. The way I see
it, the singularity happened when the last ice-age subsided 10000 years!
> ago.

  A bit from a blog I read, which has nothing explicetedly to do with this
conversation, keyed me into the nature of what you're saying, which makes me
thing you may be onto something about the "gods". The context of this bit is
in relations to a conversation the blog author had with a guitarist about a
loop pedal's performance, but its explicit message has something to it:

      "If you decide to do what I do, and by all means you should because it's
a great way to practice and build a sense of rhythm, learn this well: the loop
does not change. It does not slow down. It does not speed up. That is the
whole point of a loop. And because it is mindless, the loop is god."

    Maybe "god" in the evolutionary Type VII sense, is mindless and god
simultaneously, due to the blind prodecurality of its optimization process.
This would suggest that in the process of absolute transcension a civilization
receeds "mind" in favor of "being", that is a Type VII civilization becomes so
advanced that it decides to receed intelligent design in favor of a more
pervasive mode of creation, one which is primal, mindless and unbound. In this
manner the both sides of the Fermi Paradox equation cancle out to a zero-sum,
intelligence goes to zero as influence goes to infinity. Or vice versa, in the
case of inward development. Whether we are the first form of intelligent life
ever, or supercivilizations have preceeded us, we are still the first form of
intelligent life as far as we're concerned.


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