Some considerations about AGI

From: Rick Geniale (
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 10:26:18 MST

Hi all,

In the last few days RGE Corp. has carefully read all the threads posted
on SL4.
First of all, we want to compliment Ben Goerztel's intelligence and
mental insight.
Altougth we don't personally know Ben, we have seen all the works and
ideas published
by him during the last years, and we admire him, his vision and his
capacity to
go deeply into all AI issues and scenarios (in substance: Ben, we are on
the same wavelength!!!).
In regards to the millionaire businessman on the bus, the first thing
that he don't have to do is call
(by phone) Machiavellians that can bring him to ruin.

Now, voilą some of my considerations:

1. Anybody today can practically demonstrate to possess an AGI could
worth 100 Microsofts.

2. Anybody today can practically demonstrate to possess an AGI could
worth 1000 Googles.

3. AGI is a benevolent invention, that should be used for FRIENDLY
purposes, and will be able to help
mankind in a billion of ways (for example, AGI could accelerate the
scientific research and the
technological progress in any field of human activity - it is reductive
to cite an instance - cleverly crunching
bulks of data and information that the human mind will not ever be able
to handle.

4. AGI, anybody has created it, will never cut off anyone, but it will
represent an enormous opportunity
both for the investors, both for the entrepreneurs, both for the work of
all scientists, of all researchers
and of all technicians belonging to the most various fields and

5. AGI is not a threat for anyone (diseases are threats, also
earthquakes, hurricanes too, even fools).

6. We have detailed plans to handle AGI.

7. We can practically demonstrate to possess an AGI.

8. If you deny the need to have an AGI today, then you are stopping the
evolution (perhaps you like dinosaurs!).


Rick Geniale

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