Re: META: List allowables & cults (was DirkJOIN)

From: Kevin Osborne (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 18:12:19 MST

> I like thinking about IQ as being the average height of an undulating
> terrain. Whether IQ is a something or a set of somethings, or a
> statistical feature of people just happen to be good at lots of
> different things is not clear to me.

seems like individual IQ is undulating terrain itself - particpants in
a current UK TV research programme show up to 40% improvement in
before/after intelligence tests:,,1723801,00.html

relevant link for a bit of a transhumanist take on IQ I guess. Could
well explain why some days I make very, very dumb decisions - I wonder
if today is one of them? :-)


'IQ has traditionally been thought of as a fixed measure of someone's
intelligence,' said Philip Morrow, the show's executive producer.
[...sl4 veracity warning - flame away]

'But an increasing body of scientific opinion holds that you can take
steps in your life to actually improve your brainpower by, for
example, enhancing your memory, working on your spatial awareness,
doing things differently to normal and eating healthily. Scientists
say you will see noticeable improvements within a week. Our show is
seeing if the science works.'

'...doing 'brain exercises' such as these can make us all up to 40 per
cent cleverer within seven days, according to research by a BBC
programme this week.'

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