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From: nuzz604 (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 15:39:22 MST

I think I can speak for myself and some others here when i say that this
topic is a ridiculous and meaningless waste of time! First, we do not know
what a "simulation" is in the context of an outer universe. Second, if this
entire universe were a simulation of any type, from the moment it was
created, it would make little or no difference to the human race of this
universe. I am disappointed that so many of you smart minds are wasting
your talent on stupid topics like these and many others I have seen on this
mailing list. There is a difference between SL4 and simulation

Mark Nuzzolilo

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> Poll: Do you or do you not have a problem with living in a simulation?
> I mean, would it upset you greatly to learn you are living in a
> simulation? If so, why?
> Intellectually, I think it shouldn't matter much to me. It wouldn't
> rob me of my "dignity" or make me feel like a soulless robot. But it
> would probably be disturbing to me to know.

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