AGI first responders

From: H C (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 21:13:03 MST

Or something.

This was an idea that occured to me a while back that just came to me again.
As we know there are numerous private, commerical, and academic general
intelligence development projects going on. I think it is a duty of the
Singularity Institute to offer some kind of "First response" system for a
potential Singularity take-off. That is, I think that if such an event
occured that a project independent of SingInst developed an artificial
general intelligence, it would definitely be in the interest of humanity for
such (true) claims to be addressed by a superior panel of Friendliness
experts (or our best approximation thereof).

The probability of such a system being of any utility is low, I would
suppose, but I think it would be ridiculous not to set something like this
up, and to actually advertise the response team's credibility, objectivity,
confidentiality, etc etc (or whatever).

It might just give humanity the tip of the edge necessary for surviving a
potential apocalypse (BUT... probably not). I think this is important
though. What does everyone else think?


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