Re: Re: Does the market pass the Turing Test?

From: Алексей Турчин (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2007 - 09:03:51 MDT

One of the first, who describe the state as an automat was - ups! - Karl Marx. He thought that in feodalic socity relation between people were personal, but later, from 17 century, the relation became unpersonal becuse of free market of working force. Any man just should do some instructions.

But until 20 century the state was automat, but not self modifing AI. In that time appeared something. It is mix of market, sciense and technology - and it is axeletaring its own development.

We can see it''s work as Moor law. No single person could realy stop or axelerate it. But it use people as external processor units for 'creative' innovations.

By the time, contemporary state becamer so complex and computerizad that we can''t say that it is ruled by presindent or any other man. Their crutical desision - ex: nuclear war - will be made by computers by some instructions.


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