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Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 13:30:12 MDT

I do mean to be paranoid and do mean to be a Devil's advocate, but I am also trained in Asymetric Warfare so bear with me a bit. The production of this play could be a pre-emptive memetic attack on any information relating to Eliezer and his partners in FAI in the future. One could manipulate search engine ratings incrementally over time to monitor and adjust any and all legitimate information relating to Eliezer by producing their own information and "drowning out" all references on the web to FAI. All this would be easier done if all people affiliated with FAI got "disappeared". With a successful, friendly AI *you* would be entering the domain of the current "gods" and could successfully replace them with a benevolent "god". How would they go about countering you? What are your plans to survive?
  From the most recent post from the Russian Federation affiliate and buzzes from the internet picking up concerning AI and the singularity, AI could be the number one weapons research program accross the board -- a new Arms race. The first one to succeed may be the death of humanity. As a caveat, our "lords" started two wars in Europe and all over the world just in the just the last century including most recently in Iraq to generate massive profit, destroy progress in client nations (competitors for resources), test weapons designs (robotic weapons systems, navigation AI, etc), and overall increase the subordination of more and more people through synthetic debt peonage (Federal Reserve System) for the "poor" and wanton materialism for the so called "rich" to keep them occupied. This system of "creative destruction" has been steadily advancing for centuries. It is the mainstay of the poweful to plunder, lie, cheat, steal and kill unabated -- See I.G. Farben.
  How do you suppose to counter this "entity" or memeset?
  Remember -- I could be playing for their team so I sure would want to know how you would counter.
  Could an AI answer this question?
James Blair <> wrote:
  Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
> I used to describe myself as a D-list celebrity. But I guess that when
> they produce a play about your life, with your name in the title, and
> they don't bother to tell you, it means you've officially been promoted
> to a C-list celebrity.

I verified[1] that you're a C-list. (-12.11 4sf dBLw) ;-)


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