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From: Tom McCabe (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 14:59:56 MDT

If there were some nefarious conspiracy out there to
destroy transhumanism/Singularitarianism/AGI research,
they'd have *done it already*. None of the
transhumanist organizations or AGI research projects
have the resources needed to wage a length battle with
the government, and organizations like SIAI and the
WTA need government permission to operate as nonprofit
tax-exempt charities. Bureaucrats are not known for
their ability to pick out which technologies will
influence the world who-knows-how-many years in
advance- just look at how badly our own government
flopped when they tried to prevent people from
exporting heavy encryption.

 - Tom

--- Алексей Турчин <> wrote:

> In the begginig of 2007 president V.Putin declared
> that he is going to create nanotech superpower from
> Russia and gave 10 billons USD on the project.
> Everybody has no doubt that this money will be just
> stollen. But why we think that goverments will be so
> stupid that they will not understand some day that
> AI ia much stronger power?
> So, in the words of RW is some truth, but I dont
> like cospirasy teories.
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> Subject: Re: A very surreal day
> >
> > I do mean to be paranoid and do mean to be a
> Devil's advocate, but I am also trained in Asymetric
> Warfare so bear with me a bit. The production of
> this play could be a pre-emptive memetic attack on
> any information relating to Eliezer and his partners
> in FAI in the future. One could manipulate search
> engine ratings incrementally over time to monitor
> and adjust any and all legitimate information
> relating to Eliezer by producing their own
> information and "drowning out" all references on the
> web to FAI. All this would be easier done if all
> people affiliated with FAI got "disappeared". With
> a successful, friendly AI *you* would be entering
> the domain of the current "gods" and could
> successfully replace them with a benevolent "god".
> How would they go about countering you? What are
> your plans to survive?
> >
> > From the most recent post from the Russian
> Federation affiliate and buzzes from the internet
> picking up concerning AI and the singularity, AI
> could be the number one weapons research program
> accross the board -- a new Arms race. The first one
> to succeed may be the death of humanity. As a
> caveat, our "lords" started two wars in Europe and
> all over the world just in the just the last century
> including most recently in Iraq to generate massive
> profit, destroy progress in client nations
> (competitors for resources), test weapons designs
> (robotic weapons systems, navigation AI, etc), and
> overall increase the subordination of more and more
> people through synthetic debt peonage (Federal
> Reserve System) for the "poor" and wanton
> materialism for the so called "rich" to keep them
> occupied. This system of "creative destruction" has
> been steadily advancing for centuries. It is the
> mainstay of the poweful to plunder, lie, cheat,
> steal and kill unabated -- See I.G. Farben.
> >
> > How do you suppose to counter this "entity" or
> memeset?
> >
> > Remember -- I could be playing for their team so
> I sure would want to know how you would counter.
> >
> > Could an AI answer this question?
> >
> > James Blair <> wrote:
> > Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
> > > I used to describe myself as a D-list celebrity.
> But I guess that when
> > > they produce a play about your life, with your
> name in the title, and
> > > they don't bother to tell you, it means you've
> officially been promoted
> > > to a C-list celebrity.
> >
> > I verified[1] that you're a C-list. (-12.11 4sf
> dBLw) ;-)
> >
> > [1]
> >
> >
> >
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> Посетите мой Живой Журнал
> - и узнайте то,
> что я думаю прямо сейчас - и ещё то, что хотел
> сказать вам, но не успел :)

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