Re: Nonsingularitarian America and us

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 23:29:25 MDT

Please do me one favor -

There IS no rise of Islam in Europe. I live with my nose pressed flat on the
entire topic and there are a few muslims living here and there in
Europe, getting
richer real fast, especially here in the netherlands and the UK.

In fact you can take my word for that in less than 10-20 years
either of two things happen:

1 the small fringe of islamists do something real stupid, like blow up
a big building and will be deported/pestered by the millions from Europe.
The prevailing sentiments are there. Nobody loves the muslims here.
And if that happens - we HAVE a longterm problem. With american style
fascism, that is.

2- you will indeed see the emergence of a completely new type of
Islam, as materialistic, hedonistic and liberal as any of the current
western societies. Frankly I think the radical islamic movement in the
middle east is more worried about European muslims going all soft
and secular on them than vice versa.

Second point - I believe the fundaments for a singularity are being created in
Japan. Lots of robotics research there. America is losing the edge and
chances are we will see a USSR-style collapse in the US a lot sooner than
most people anticipate. Maybe within 10 years.

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