Re: ESSAY: How to deter a rogue AI by using your first-mover advantage

From: Tom McCabe (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2007 - 12:50:23 MDT

"It all might be a simulation" is a zero-knowledge
hypothesis, since you can use it to explain any
possible result. Do we refrain from eating cheesecake
while balancing a glass of chocolate milk on our
heads, because that might cause a shutdown of the
simulation? No? Then why should the UFAI refrain from
killing humans?

 - Tom

--- Norman Noman <> wrote:

> On 8/22/07, Tom McCabe <>
> wrote:
> >
> > Such an AI would easily be able to determine
> whether
> > it was RAI or RAI*, by simply checking the date.
> Or
> > checking whether an FAI had been created yet. Or
> > checking the project history, etc.
> All of these things could be perfectly faked inside
> a simulation run by an

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