Re: Re: ESSAY: How to deter a rogue AI by using your first-mover advantage

From: Алексей Турчин (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2007 - 15:21:15 MDT

Shuting down the simulation is not existentil treat in fact.

Imagine that we have several absolutly equal simulations. If one of them shuts down others continue to exist the same way they did. And a copy of simulation is the same simulation, or it is not a simulation.

But if we have we live in the simulation, it is very unlikely that it is an unique simulation. But it is very likely that there are a lot of simulations in the Multiverse. So there must be equal simaltions. So it implays that any person is immortal, because there will be some amount of simulations there he will not die in any case.

If RAI understans that, the treat of shut down will not stop him. But he could stop calculations, because they are alredy done somthere.

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