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>Could you expand on that?

I was just being facetious really, but...

<Metaphysical Speculation>
I find it compelling that ideas such as Zen Buddhism and Kolmogorov's Complexity Theory should share such similar intuitions:

"Enlightenment is the absence of knowledge"
"Chaos is the ultimate order"

A Turing machine running an optimized computer program will produce a changing pattern of bits on the tape.
If the same program (with the same input) is run multiple times the sequence of patterns of bits on the tape will be the same for each run.
But during a single run the only way to determine the next pattern of bits in the sequence is to advance the program (algorithm) to the next step.
When (if) the program halts, the tape will contain the answer to the program's question.

What appears to us as noise, are the bits shifting around due to the direct computation of the Ultimate Answer by the Universe. This noise will never repeat until the Universe is run again. (I am not sure if the structure we observe would be bugs, or subroutines and loops, in the main program).

So pure noise really is the unfathomable (at least from inside the Universe) mind of God... or something :)
</Metaphysical Speculation>

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> >So you're saying that noise is smarter
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> There a truth is buried.

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