Re: ESSAY: How to deter a rogue AI by using your first-mover advan tage

From: Toby Weston (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 10:26:50 MDT

>>..maybe the punishment would be
>>something more abstract like going to
>>hell after AI reaches the goal, if the goal
>>is achieved by hurting other >>intelligences?.."

>You seem to have difficulty
>understanding that assigning a non-zero
>probability to something is a different
>thing than "believing" in it.aleksei

Isn't it the same? Both this strategy and religion reley on implanting the idea in a subject that there is a non zero possibility of something very bad happening to them if they are naughty. And for the same reasons... To coerce a potential enemy into an behavioral pattern agreable to the author of the Paranoia Bomb.

Some people truly believe in a Religion, I would wager that many more go along out of a vague naggging "what if I am wrong" style fear. This is exactly the same non zero probability angst.

On the move - sorry No spell check.

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