Re: [agi] What best evidence for fast AI?

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 08:24:13 MST

2007/11/10, Thomas McCabe
> The human brain contains a hundred billion neurons and a hundred trillion synapses.
> It is more complicated than any other system we have studied. Why anyone would
> think of it as simple- "just a Simple Matter of Programming"- is quite beyond me.

The brain develops into that number of neurons and synapses, but its
complexity is encoded in far fewer bytes. But more importantly, we
don't yet understand the mechanism of the brain's intelligence on
the relevant levels.

Ben Goertzel says that Novamente can produce AGI in a number of years
with the right funding. He believes that he has defined the correct
theory. That's all I meant when I said
"The implementation is just a Simple Matter of Programming", (but
reserving judgment on Novamente).

A SMOP in my definition is a project for which the theory is
well-known (and so, not AGI today) and for which all that is needed is
the application of standard software engineering principles. Such a
project may still take a long time and a lot of good hard work.


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