Consciousness as a property of matter was (Re: Animal Consciousness (was Mindless Thought Experiments))

From: GŁnther Greindl (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2008 - 13:33:49 MST

Hi guys,

I think the only viable way to go for a materialist is micropsychism:
Galen Strawson (a philosopher) has a very lucid and well argued paper
on the subject.
His page:

The paper:
'Realistic monism: why physicalism entails panpsychism'

The conclusion - that consciousness is a basic _property_ of matter
(say, like charge or mass) dissolves the mind-body duality in a most
effective way.

It also hails well for strong AI: at the moment is has sufficiently
complex structure and dynamics (not the puny silicon stuff of nowadays,
but the Blue Gene/L thing is a first step) it _will_ be conscious

Also, animals are naturally conscious - the level of consciousness
depends on the complexity of the material structure, of course.


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