Re: Is a Person One or Many?

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Date: Sun Mar 09 2008 - 10:58:05 MDT

On Sat, 8 Mar 2008 17:30:16 -0500, "Heartland" <>

> Two instances of one type of thing are still two things

Yes but I am not a thing, I am an adjective and adjectives do not follow
the same laws of arithmetic that nouns do. There may be 2 red cars but
there is only one red and only one 2.

> I'm afraid that starting from the assumption that cool and
> potentially life-saving procedures such as teleportation/destructive
> uploading/cryonics do work (people are afraid of dying and want
> them to work) and then working backwards to a convenient
> meaning of survival compatible with "These things will save me!"

And starting from your assumptions you have also defended the quaint
19íth century idea that anesthesia is equivalent to death; and that is a
pretty good indication to me that your starting assumptions are wrong.

> dead end.

Who cares? Show me the cheated party! And if you Email me an answer this
question donít send me a copy, send me THE ORIGINAL!

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